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Harmony EL-D400 INR IPL Machine

Item No.: Harmony EL-D400
Experience the power of NIR infrared light source for skin rejuvenation, collagen lifting, and wrinkle removal. Our advanced beauty equipment combines NIR with IPL for multi-functional treatments. Get effective results with customizable wavelengths.
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Near Infrared (NIR) Skin Tightening laser system is an effective, safe, and non-surgical procedure for tightening the skin through stimulating collagen rebuilding, leading to younger-looking skin.

What is NIR near-infrared?

NIR is a near-infrared light skin beautifying technology especially aimed at the whole body skin. The near-infrared spectrum (peak 1300nm) of 900nm-1800nm is preferred, which is more effective for the whole body. Light energy directly hits the middle layer of the dermis - the deep layer, empowers damaged cells, promotes deep collagen repair and regeneration, accelerates blood circulation, removes deposited pigment and skin metabolic waste, and comprehensively improves from three dimensions of gloss, transparency, and whiteness. Skin texture makes the skin bright and white.
Near Infrared technology is a safe infrared light that heats the tissue under the skin’s surface, tightening skin laxity and improving skin architecture. Heating the tissue deep below the skin's surface will cause your collagen fibers to contract and tighten. This stimulates the formation of new collagen, further enhancing the tightening effect.

1. NIR true infrared light source! Spectral range 1000~1500nm, spectral peak 1300nm.
2. NIR warranty life luminous 1000 hours, the actual use of more than 5000 hours, can be 48 hours of continuous work.
3. NIR functions include skin rejuvenation, whitening, increase collagen lifting and wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, lightening pigmentation, lightening acne pits and marks, acne, and other acne also has the effect of improving.
4. The operating system adopts the same interface as Alma Harmony XL PRO, and the appearance of the host and handle is also adopted in high imitation.
5. Multi-functional system: IPL + NIR dual function, the system automatically recognizes the handle, the current host has only one slot, you need to switch the handle.
6.NIR handle configuration: NIR Face infrared single lamp + sapphire crystal, the actual area of 3.2cm2, the original version is 6cm2 current parameter label 6cm2; NIR Body infrared dual lamp + sapphire crystal, the actual area of 15cm2, the original version is 18cm2 current parameter label 18cm2, the maximum power system 500w.
7. IPL handle configuration: single handle + 3 replaceable waveforms; including Dye-VL 500-600nm waveforms and Dye-SR 550-650nm waveforms, the function is the same as the specific look at the brochure, VL is suitable for lighter skin color, and SR is suitable for darker skin color, SHR depilatory 640-950nm depilatory waveforms, plus a protective cover, the other wavelengths can be customized; the advantage of this section! A handle can be replaced by replacing different wavelets to complete the different functions of the effect, if the customer wants to set the original version the same can also be done is a handle to fix a wavelength.
What is NIR?
NIR uses a high-power light source to safely achieve skin firming and tightening as it heats the dermal tissue without damage to the epidermis.
The radio frequency and infrared send heat to the deeper layers of the skin and this causes collagen shrinkage which smooths out lines and wrinkles, therefore the skin looks smoother and feels firmer. This comfortable non-invasive treatment is suitable for all skin types and has no downtime.

Harmony XL provides safe and effective treatments for a wide range of indications, including Skin Remodeling Tone & Texture Pigmented Lesions and Vascular Lesions ScarsAcneHair Removal NIR/IPL multifunctional hair removal and skin rejuvenation system is the most popular beauty machine for Clinics and Beauty salons. It delivers targeted skin tightening and firming results for the chin, forehead, neck, and body.Harmony EL-D400 provides safe and effective treatments for a wide range of indications, including:
Skin Remodeling
Tone & Texture
Pigmented Lesions
Vascular Lesions
ScarsAcneHair Removal

The Skin Tightening handpiece glides over the treatment area to deliver uniform energy distribution and effectively targets lipids and connective tissue. This safe heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury help smooth out lines and tighten skin.

The treatment steps:
The skin is cleaned if required.
A baseline temperature will be taken of the area to be treated.
The cooling gel will be applied to allow the handpiece to glide smoothly.
NIR/ST tip will be in contact with the skin and in motion at all times until a temperature of 40-42 degrees is achieved, it will be maintained for some time.
You will feel a gradual build-up of heat in the treated area, this is normal.
Your practitioner will be communicating with you at all times to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible.
Results are achieved over 4-6 sessions at 1- 2 week intervals, and with no pain or downtime you can leave the clinic and return to your normal activities immediately.Top-up treatments 1-2 a year or more to maintain consistent collagen production.

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