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Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Picosecond Laser Machine

Item No.: SH PicoPeak Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
1000W Power
PTP mode
Wide range of applications: Tattoo/freckle/mole/pigmentation removal
Korea imported light arm: 90% transfer efficiency, low attenuation
Heavy hammer light guide arm: No gravity center shift, no polarization, accurate light outpu
Description Specifications

Buy the Best Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine at SEA HEART GROUP

functions of pico laser technologyWhat is Pico Laser Technology?

Experience the future of skincare with Pico laser technology, a revolutionary non-surgical treatment designed to combat common skin imperfections like sunspots and acne scars. Unleashing the power of Pico technology, we present one of the most advanced laser treatments on the market. Achieve noticeable and permanent results in fewer sessions than ever before. The procedure is not only safe and minimally invasive but also versatile, catering to both facial and body skin concerns. Elevate your skincare routine with the cutting-edge efficiency of Pico laser technology.

How Does Pico Laser Work?

Pico laser technology offers a revolutionary approach to treating pigmented lesions and tattoos, delivering quick, effective, and highly selective treatment for individuals seeking to address these concerns. This advanced laser technology is capable of targeting and treating pigmented lesions and tattoos in treatable colors with remarkable precision, offering a solution for those looking to enhance the appearance of their skin.

Pico laser technology

One of the key benefits of Pico laser technology is its ability to stimulate elastin production in the skin, leading to a softer, fuller, and more youthful complexion. The ultra-short pulses of energy emitted by the Pico laser are delivered without generating excessive heat, resulting in a gentle yet intense impact on the targeted areas of concern. This process effectively shatters problem skin pigment or particles, which are then naturally eliminated by the body.

The Pico laser's exceptional precision enables practitioners to achieve optimal photomechanical effects without causing damage to the outer layer of the skin. Patients undergoing Pico laser treatments typically experience minimal to no discomfort throughout the process, as the laser's concentrated energy pulses are designed to be gentle on the skin.

In conclusion, Pico laser technology represents a significant advancement in the treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos, offering a safe, effective, and comfortable solution for individuals seeking to improve the appearance and health of their skin.

tattoo laser removal machine

Professional Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine - PicoPeak

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: Our tattoo removal laser machine utilizes the latest picosecond technology, ensuring efficient and effective removal of tattoo ink.
  • Versatile: With the ability to target a wide range of tattoo colors, including black, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange, our machine offers versatile treatment options.
  • Precision: The adjustable spot sizes allow for precise targeting, ensuring the thorough removal of unwanted tattoos.
  • Safe and Efficient: The high-intensity light pulses generated by our machine break down tattoo ink particles while minimizing the impact on surrounding tissue, providing a safe and efficient removal process.

laser tattoo removal machines
11 Core Advantages: Best Picosecond Laser Machine


A Wide Range of Applications:
Laser tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, freckle removal, mole removal.

Light Guide Arm Imported from South Korea:
Higher cost, better lighting, transmission efficiency up to 90%, perfect performance, lower attenuation.

Heavy Hammer Light Guide Arm:
The center of gravity will not shift, ensuring no polarization, and more accurate light output.

The Axis of the Light Guide Wall:
Flexible, which is convenient for operation at various angles

The Inside Laser Emitter: (High Configuration)
φ8 inductance rod, which has higher energy, and the energy is not easy to attenuate, and the real energy can reach 800mj.
(Medium Configuration) Double lamps and double rods, φ6 and φ7 resistance rods, which have superior performance and durability.

laser tattoo removal machine for sale

Q Switch:

Better pulse width compression effect, no energy leakage. (Cheap Q switch will leak light, thus causing the skin to bleed)

ND: YAG Laser:
1064nm/532nm Q-switched Nd YAG laser, 2 wavelengths 
delivers laser power in a very short period as 2 pulses.

Power and PTP Mode:
1000W power supply with PTP mode, 2 pulses are produced in a very short interval, such as 800mj can become 1600mj effect, which is the same as Korean high-quality picosecond, and the clinical effect is better.

Long-Pluse Pulse Mode:
(Pulse width 300㎲ @ 1064nm) A combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively. It stimulates collagen by the destruction of pigmented cells, and it is useful to general skin for regenerating after peeling, improving loose skin, and minimizing large pores.

Water Cooling System:
High-pressure pump plus filter to ensure machine performance better.

4 bigger cooling fans, stainless steel material, better cooling effect. (Cheap machines only use 2 very small fans)

Proprietary DOE Fractional Technology

DOE propagated laser energy creates a safer and more effective beam compared to traditional Micro Lens Array (MLA) generated fractional beams commonly used in aesthetic lasers.


doe fractional technology by sea heart groupEvery energy spot in a DOE fractional beam is of uniform fluence and ablation/penetration depth, creating an even distribution of energy to the skin and enabling efficacious treatment of the entire fractional beam area with the added safety of efficient heat dissipation. Whereas MLA fractional beams exhibit significant fluence and ablation/penetration depth variability across the array in a gaussian pattern creating an undesirable hot spot in the center of the fractional beam with energy dropping off significantly towards the edges.


SEA HEART GROUP’s DOE Fractional technology allows physicians to deliver higher, evenly distributed energy across the fractional array compared to non-uniform MLA fractional beams that necessitate the use of lower energy settings to compensate for the “hot” center and “cool” edges.

BENEFITS of SEA HEART picosecond laser machine

"I am going to open a new beauty salon and need your machines and one-stop solutions, can you provide me with supporting services, including installation guidance, online explanation, and after-sales maintenance of spare parts?"

Yes, congratulations on finding the perfect supplier
SEA HEART GROUP has been positively devoted to providing (FREE) professional OEM/ODM services of professional aesthetic and esthetician machines for 19 years
Just in time for the 19th anniversary of the store, we offer the biggest discount for new and old buyers, all machines 2 year warranty period, an online installation guide, and 1-year free replacement parts, in addition to the order that will be sent to the value of 500 U.S. dollars of a plasma pen!

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